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Looking for a true SAT expert?

I have been helping students on all sections of the SAT since 2003 and stay up-to-date about changes in order to provide students the most effective support. As an expert and experienced online SAT tutor, I can help raise your score efficiently and effectively.

My own SAT scores were 790 Math and 800 Verbal in 1999, but I don’t rely on just these scores. Instead, I routinely score perfect 800s on the most recent College Board SAT practice tests, including practice tests for the Digital SAT. I have been formally trained as an online SAT tutor, and even won a National Tutor of the Year award for my work with one education company.


As an online SAT tutor, I have fully transitioned my tutoring to reflect the Digital SAT. My curriculum is updated, and I’ve worked to develop strategies that fit the new test.

2024 marks my 20th year teaching the SAT, and this is the third major test change I have experienced. That means you can rest assured that you’ll be working with a tutor who not only knows the new test but also knows how to navigate any uncertainties that arise from a major test change.


Year I started teaching SAT

My official math score

My official verbal score

My Approach

A strong SAT or ACT score can mean admission to the college of your dreams and scholarships to help pay for it. However, many students come to me not sure how to break into the next level with their score or feeling anxious about the whole process. I work one-on-one with students online to develop strong content knowledge, test strategy, and the confidence necessary to succeed.

I strongly believe that customization is the strongest advantage of working with an online SAT tutor one-on-one. Large classroom courses are often one-size-fits-all and are rarely inspiring. Online SAT tutoring instead helps you invest your time targeting the exact areas and skills necessary to raise your SAT score.

Approaches to each section


SAT math falls into four categories:

  • Algebra
  • Advanced Math
  • Problem-Solving and Data Analysis
  • Geometry and Trigonometry

As an online SAT tutor, I focus on test strategy alongside content review for these three areas. I have worked with students from all levels of math, from students who find math incredibly challenging to students shooting for an 800. I vary my approach according to each student’s starting point, goal score, and time available.

Reading and Writing

For the SAT reading and writing section, I work with students to build good active reading strategies for the passages, as well as effective prediction and elimination strategies for answering the questions. I always emphasize finding support for answers. For the writing questions, systematic review of punctuation, sentence structure, and other grammar rules helps a lot! We also build strategies for the question types that are new on the Digital SAT, such as the writing craft and structure questions.

Included in Tutoring

Convenience of Online

You’ll never have to sit in traffic to make it to lessons, which adds flexibility for families with busy schedules. Most students find online tutoring to be engaging and efficient. It also ensures that you can meet with a highly qualified tutor no matter your location.


Customized Homework

After each session, I’ll assign customized homework for the week. We’ll make sure the plan targets your student’s goals, but we’ll also make sure it’s actually doable given their schedule. All homework is available online or through PDF, so no need to purchase any extra materials.


Lesson Reports

As a parent, you’ll receive a report after each session, detailing what was covered, how your child is doing, and what homework needs to be completed by the next session. No more wondering whether your child is actually making progress.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Not sure yet whether online tutoring will work for your child? I offer a satisfaction guarantee for the first session. It’s important to me that I only work with students who feel we’re a good match, so if you’re not 100% satisfied after the first session, the session fee will be completely refunded.


Carrie is an amazing tutor. I chose her out of many because she understood exactly what the goal was…to improve my son’s PSAT scores. Even though we were in different states, my son and Carrie were able to meet every week. After every session, she touched bases with me, letting me know what they worked on and what he needed to work on independently. My son is a good test taker and I had some doubts that he could improve much more but he did with the help of Carrie. My son improved so much on the PSAT, that he is now NMSC eligible, scoring in the 99th percentile with a PERFECT math score. He felt confident after the PSAT and scheduled the SAT, while still meeting with Carrie on a weekly basis. SAT scores just came in and he is again in the 99th percentile with a PERFECT math score again. I highly recommend Carrie. She is super professional, knowledgeable, and always responds to my questions and requests. THANKS, CARRIE!!!


SAT, California

Carrie is extremely professional and knowledgeable. She knows how to communicate with the students. She helped my daughter tremendously not only with knowledge and strategies for taking her SAT, but also helped raise her confidence level. Carrie has been invaluable and I would recommend her blindly!


SAT, Washington

Carrie was very focused and consistent. She diagnosed the material my son most needed to learn, then worked through the parts that were hardest for him. She gave him homework assignments at each session to maximize the efficiency of the tutoring hours. She’s got a nice temperament and obviously cares a lot. We’re very pleased with her work and may hire her for a refresher or two right before the SAT test.


SAT, Washington

As an already high-scoring SAT student, I wasn’t planning on getting a tutor for my final run of the test. I am so glad that I ended up pursuing tutoring and found Carrie. Over 7 two-hour lessons, she gave me the tools to improve significantly. Her amiability and patience are surpassed only by her extensive knowledge of the SAT itself; not only does she know the subject matter and how to teach it effectively, she also gave me strategies tailored to the test to increase my efficiency and overall confidence. In the end, I increased my score 70 points to earn a 1540. I believe much of that improvement is due to Carrie. Bottom line: Carrie is amazing!


SAT, South Carolina

Carrie has delivered beyond expectations with an excellent understanding of what needs to be learned to test well and how to adapt her program to individual students.


SAT, California

Very responsive and describes exactly what happens in each session, what was accomplished, and what needs work for desired results.


SAT, Tennessee

Carrie is simply incredible! I had only seen looks of desperation from my daughter when the conversation turned to the SAT, but she was so energized and confident after just the second session saying that things just made so much more sense. Thank you, Carrie, for all that you’re doing to help us!


SAT, North Carolina

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