LSAT Rates and Services

Here’s the thing. I used to offer tutoring only on a session-by-session basis. Sign up for a session, attend, then sign up for the next. Etc. What I noticed is that while some students scheduled sessions regularly and made impressive gains in their LSAT scores, other students started out with the best of intentions, only to lose some of that momentum later on.

The tutoring subscriptions I offer are a way to promote consistency and accountability in your LSAT prep.

My goal is to eliminate as much friction as possible in your LSAT prep so that you can focus on what actually matters – doing the work to raise your score.

I do still offer “a la carte” tutoring on a session-by-session basis for those who don’t need regular meetings. I also have limited spots available for discounted tutoring for LSAT fee waiver recipients. Scroll below to see those offers.

LSAT Tutoring Subscriptions

I believe in customization. (That’s the whole point of 1:1 tutoring!)

  • Sign up for the tier that best fits your needs
  • Upgrade or downgrade as needed
  • Flexibility in scheduling and rescheduling sessions (as long as you use your hours during that month. Remember – our other goal is consistency and accountability.)
  • Add extra sessions as needed
  • 1 month minimum commitment (2 week notice required to cancel)

Additional LSAT Prep Options

A la Carte Tutoring

  • Sign up for sessions on an “as needed” basis
  • Great for students who are mostly self-studying
  • 60, 90, or 120 minutes
  • Custom study plan after each session if requested

Price: $100/hour

(ask about group rates if you and a study partner would like to share a session)


Guided Self-Study

  • Custom bi-weekly study plans (tailored to your strengths and weaknesses, timeline, and schedule)
  • Bi-weekly check-ins so you stay on track
  • Monthly subscription

Price: $75/month


Fee Waiver Tutoring

  • Sign up on a session-by-session basis (limited availability each week)
  • Available to students with an approved fee waiver from LSAC
  • Custom study plan after each session

Price: $50/hr (a 50% discount)

(These spots are limited, but ask about availability for a fee waiver discount on one of the tutoring subscriptions above. I’ll do it if I can.)

Law School Application Support


Live Support

  • Live review of your personal statement, optional essay, or addendum
  • Support through brainstorming, outlining, drafting, and revising
  • Live support (We’ll work together on your materials in real time.

Price: $85 per hour


Offline Support

  • Offline review of your personal statement, optional essay, or addendum
  • Support through drafting and revising
  • Includes two rounds of feedback (I provide comments, you make the changes, then I take another look.)

Price: $20 / page

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