SAT/ACT/GRE/Math Rates and Services

Whether you are looking for one-on-one support, group study, or expert guidance in your self-study, I’ve got you covered…

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Additional Services

SAT/ACT Diagnostic

Most students do better on one test than the other, but it’s a pain to spend 7 hours and multiple days on a full-length SAT and a full-length ACT. Instead, find out in just one afternoon which test is better. After your child takes the 3.5 hour diagnostic, I’ll send you an extensive 9 page score report and hold a follow-up consultation call with you.

Price: $100 per student (includes a $50 credit for tutoring)

Custom Group Class

Are you an organization with a group of students studying for the LSAT, SAT, or ACT? I’m happy to work with you to organize a prep course to make sure your students are well prepared.

Pricing depends on course length and number of anticipated students. Contact me for details.

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