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LSAT Study Planner

Feeling lost or overwhelmed in your LSAT planning? I created this free study planner to help you feel confident and motivated as you work toward your goals.

Inside, you’ll find pages for:

  • high-level goal setting
  • monthly planning
  • weekly study schedule
  • reflecting on your study habits
  • tracking your progress on practice tests
  • and more!

And did I mention it’s completely free?

LSAT Error Log

Solid review of practice tests is one of the best ways to improve your LSAT score. But without a good system for tracking what you’ve learned, you’re bound to repeat the same mistakes next time.

Looking for a simple way to organize your review?

This error log template is designed to get you to think about what you’ve learned in your review so that you can apply those lessons to later questions.

It’s easy to use, sortable, and customizable, with separate sections for logical reasoning, games, and reading comp.

Recommended FREE official LSAT resources:

Khan Academy – the only prep course created in collaboration with LSAC

LSAT Digital Familiarization Tool – several official prep tests you can use to get practice with the new digital format of the LSAT

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