I’m happy to provide academic tutoring and homework support for math (from Pre-Algebra up to Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus). I tutor very interactively and focus on customizing my tutoring for the student’s particular needs. I particularly enjoy helping students discover that they actually CAN be good at the subject that is challenging them, provided they work hard and ask lots of questions.

Homework Support

Many of my math students come to me either behind in math class or struggling to do well on tests. Other students have gaps in their math knowledge or are rusty in concepts they haven’t seen for several years. I work one-on-one with students to work through the material in a judgment-free zone, providing clear explanations and scaffolding students to be able to do the work on their own. I often hear back from parents within just a few sessions about how their student’s attitude towards math is already changing with their increased confidence.

Math Enrichment

Some of my math students are looking for ways to extend what they are learning in school. Many of these students tend to be bright middle school students initially prepping to take the PSAT or Pre-ACT, often for admission into special gifted and talented programs. We work to build logically on the math that they already know, advancing their understanding of topics in algebra or geometry. This tutoring works great for students who may be bored with the repetition of school math classes and gives students a solid intuitive understanding of math that they can draw on in the rest of their studies.

Included in Tutoring

Convenience of Online

You’ll never have to sit in traffic to make it to lessons, which adds flexibility for families with busy schedules. Most students find online tutoring to be engaging and efficient. It also ensures that you can meet with a highly qualified tutor no matter your location.


Customized Homework

Unless you request otherwise, I’ll assign customized homework after each session. We’ll make sure the plan targets your student’s goals, but we’ll also make sure it’s actually doable given their schedule. All homework is available through PDF, so no need to purchase any extra materials.


Lesson Reports

As a parent, you’ll receive a report after each session, detailing what was covered, how your child is doing, and what homework needs to be completed by the next session. No more wondering whether your child is actually making progress.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Not sure yet whether online tutoring will work for your child? I offer a satisfaction guarantee for the first session. It’s important to me that I only work with students who feel we’re a good match, so if you’re not 100% satisfied after the first session, the session fee will be completely refunded.


Carrie has worked around my hectic summer schedule of job, training, and school. She outshines any tutor I have had thus far. In college, the academic tutors they assigned us athletes were there in body but struggled to help when encountering challenging math questions. Carrie, on the other hand, is really knowledgeable and doesn’t waste time figuring out what I don’t understand. I really appreciated working with her through the accelerated summer math class I needed to take.


College Algebra, Washington

We are currently utilizing Carrie’s tutoring skills to provide weekly math support to our 13 year old son. Each week, they either review current material, prepare for tests, or work on homework assignments. This hour each week has proven to be a great help to our son in improving his overall performance in math.


Algebra, Washington

“Carrie is an exceptional tutor. Very patient and has lots of excellent tips to make things easier for students. My daughter loves working with her.”


Algebra 2, Washington

Carrie was very helpful thinking of different ways and resources to help me accomplish my goals. She is patient and kind. Mahalo for all the help! Time for me to practice practice!


Mental Math, Hawaii

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