Guided Self-Study

You might not need one-on-one tutoring, or maybe you just want to start out by doing as much of your prep as you can through self-study.

But at the same time, you might not be sure how to go about it…

Where should you start?

What materials should you use?

How should you prioritize?

How much time should you budget for review?

What should you actually DO while studying?

If this sounds like you, my Guided Self-Study program may be exactly what you need.

    What is Guided Self-Study?


    With this month-long program, you’ll receive biweekly study plans tailored specifically to you.

    You’ll check in with me at the two week mark for an accountability check and to make adjustments to your plan.

    Then renew for the next month to keep up your progress!

    Overview of the Guided Self-Study Process

    Building your Self-Study Plan

    We’ll start with a survey or a consultation call so that I can learn what you need. You can choose whichever format is most comfortable for you. In either case, we’ll cover these topics:
    • Your plans for the test
    • Your previous test scores
    • Your impressions of your strengths and weaknesses
    • Your availability and ideal study schedule format


    Details of your Self-Study Plan

    After I’ve gotten all the necessary information from you, I’ll set up your study schedule. I’ll share it virtually, along with any materials or links to materials. (LSAT Students: You’ll be responsible for purchasing access to LSAT practice tests.)

    One month of guided self-study includes two 2-week plans with a check-in between them.


    Accountability and Check-ins

    We’ll check in together after two weeks, either by email or by scheduling a short call. In this check-in, we’ll discuss what’s going well and what we need to work more on. We’ll also discuss whether your initial study plan was overly ambitious or not ambitious enough. This will help us tweak your next study plan to make sure it works even better for you.


    The price for one month of guided self-study is just $75.

    Contact me below and I’ll get in touch to get started learning more about what you need from your study plan.

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