Resolution Test Prep

Specializing in LSAT, SAT, ACT, and GRE tutoring


Looking for customized, high quality prep for admission into law school, college, or graduate school? 


Resolution Test Prep

Specializing in LSAT, SAT, ACT, and GRE tutoring


Looking for customized, high quality prep for admission into law school, college, or graduate school? 


Why Resolution Test Prep

Online Advantage

Online tutoring is convenient and effective. It also provides invaluable practice in working on screen – perfect for digital tests like the LSAT and GRE. And SAT/ACT students find it engaging and interactive.

Tutoring Philosophy

Unlike tutors who mindlessly drill questions with students, I make sure my work is grounded in solid values. I’ve organized these values into a Tutoring Philosophy statement so that you can make sure I’m a good fit for you.


I’ve been doing test prep since 2004 and have worked with thousands of students. I draw on that experience to provide you with a learning experience tailored exactly to you.

For Law and Graduate Admissions

LSAT Tutoring

The LSAT is mentally grueling and students sometimes feel beat up psychologically during the process. We'll make sure you know exactly how to handle each section and question type. I'll push your thinking but will also make sure you're encouraged and supported.

GRE Tutoring

GRE tutoring is all about customization. Some students need solid math review, while others need more verbal practice or just quick help with test strategies. We'll create a plan that reflects your own needs for the programs you are applying to.

For High School Students & Parents

SAT Tutoring

I help students raise their SAT or ACT scores to become competitive at their dream college. We'll work together in customized and convenient online tutoring sessions to target exactly the areas that will have the most impact.

ACT Tutoring

My ACT students typically raise their scores significantly. We work on content, test strategy, and time management in customized online tutoring sessions to prepare for this fast-paced test.

Math Tutoring

Upon request, I also work with students on math from Pre-Algebra to Pre-Calculus. We can work on filling in gaps from previous years, homework support, preparing for tests, or preparing for next year's content.

Work With Me

I would love to find out if I would be a good fit for your tutoring needs.


Selected Testimonials

“Before working with Carrie I took an LSAT practice test and scored a 120. I was down in the dumps and knew I needed to increase my score dramatically to be accepted into law school. Even though my initial score was low I still had set high expectations for myself. I set a goal to improve my score to high 160’s range. Carrie has helped me tremendously. During our first meeting she assured me that with her extensive experience tutoring students on the LSAT that if I put in the work I would be able to improve my score dramatically. I have been working with Carrie for about two months now. I scored a 158 on my last practice test and feel confident with more practice and tutoring I will be able to achieve my goal. I cannot recommend Carrie enough if you are looking for a skilled, patient, and knowledgeable tutor.”


LSAT, Nevada

“Carrie is an amazing tutor. I chose her out of many because she understood exactly what the goal was…to improve my son’s PSAT scores. Even though we were in different states, my son and Carrie were able to meet every week. After every session, she touched bases with me, letting me know what they worked on and what he needed to work on independently. My son is a good test taker and I had some doubts that he could improve much more but he did with the help of Carrie. My son improved so much on the PSAT, that he is now NMSC eligible, scoring in the 99th percentile with a PERFECT math score. He felt confident after the PSAT and scheduled the SAT, while still meeting with Carrie on a weekly basis. SAT scores just came in and he is again in the 99th percentile with a PERFECT math score again. I highly recommend Carrie. She is super professional, knowledgeable, and always responds to my questions and requests. THANKS, CARRIE!!!”


SAT, California

“Carrie is amazing! I had three weeks to prep for the GRE and she was phenomenal at teaching me how to approach the entire exam. I especially needed help with the quantitative portion. She was able to break it down into ways I could understand where the books I had were lacking. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of GRE prep. Thanks Carrie!”


GRE, Georgia

View more testimonials by viewing pages specifically for LSAT, GRE, SAT, ACT, or math.

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